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Surfing in Goa at Mandrem beach
surfing in Goa - Big wave

Surfing in Goa.

Yes you heard it right, Now you can learn to surf in Goa in the clear waters and on the soft sand of Goan beaches.While Goa is knows for its beach, party, water sports etc a lot of people dint know that you can also learn to surf in Goa.

Goa makes it as one of the perfect surfing destination to learn surfing as the Arabian sea is very calm and produces gentle waves, making it perfect for beginners that want to learn surfing.

The best time to surf in Goa is from mid September until May.

For more consistent swell for intermediate and advance surfers

September, October(Post monsoon swell) and May, June(Pre monsoon swell)

works the best.

While the total length of the coastline of Goa is 160 Km and making it the smallest state in India.Goa offers some of the best water-sport activities.But only few selected beach have motorized water-sport activities. 

Mandrem beach makes it as one of the best surfing destination in Goa also India.The sand bar makes it perfect for learning to ride waves.Also the beach has a river mouth where the waves are always better compared to other beach in Goa.Its also a very quiet beach, away from all the crowd, so there are very few people swimming in the water, and you can ride all  the waves without being disturbed, which makes it accident free zone.

You can make your Goa holidays more memorable by learning to surf in Goa. 

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