Frequently asked questions

What do i need for my surf lesson?

Swimwear, Towel, Water. We will provide rash gaurds. We dont need wetsuit as the water is warm.

How many surf lesson do i need to surf by myself?

Normally one class is good enough to get you standing and riding those waves. We would suggest to do a 3 day or a 5 days surf course to have all the basic knowledge about learning to surf. Note : Each and everyone is different, some learn fast some take a while, so also it depends on you.

Do i need to know how to swim for the surf lesson?

To do the surf lesson or the surf courses its not necessary you need to know to swim.Our surf lesson are done in safe conditions under the super vision of our surf instructors, who will always keep safety first priority. To advance and once you start learning to surf by yourself we strongly recommend you should now how to swim, for safety measures.

At what age kids can learn to surf?

At our surf shool we teach kids surfing who is 5 years old and above. We have also thaught 4 years old kid, but only beacuse the kid was comfortable being in the water and watched his 7 yeard older brother surfing.