Surf lesson In Goa

If your interested to learn surfing with us in Goa and have no idea what it is is like, you can go through this post to have brief detail of what a surf lesson looks like.


This is the most important part of your surf lesson. Everything you need to know about the basic of learning to surf is thought to you here. It doesn't last for mare than 30 minutes.

Here you are thought how to stand up on the board the right way, where and how to lay on your surfboard, to make sure you have the correct stance for more balance and stability.

We will practice the standing up technique around 10 times till you have got it perfectly.

After this we ready to hit the water to ride some waves.


Before we hit the water we make sure everyone has the right equipment and the correct board size as per your requirement with the guidance of our surf trainers.


The ocean is endless so while entering the ocean its very important to know where to enter and exit, as some spots have deeper waters making it unsafe for the surf students.Here you are taught how to handle your equipment. If you do not hold the board the right way there are chances you can get hit by the board when the waves approach.Also you are taught how to fall off the board safely to avoid the risk of injuries.

Once your in the ocean our instructors will position you at the correct place to get you start riding the waves.


After a few falls and getting used to be on the board, by the end of the lesson you must have ridden few waves.


Just happy faces after 90 minutes of surfing.Guaranteed a lot of fun.

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