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Advantage of surfing in Goa.

Goa is paradise for everyone, also very few people know Goa is paradise for beginner surfers.

1 - Warm water. We don't need to wear Wet suit's while we surf on Goa.The water temperature is perfect to surf in shorts or swimsuit.

2 - No current. Compared to most of the ocean's , the sea here is very calm (except monsoon) with no rip currents or sweep currents most of the days.

3 - Soft sand. Most of the beach in Goa are with fine soft sand,making it completely safe when you fall your board, while learning to surf.

4 - Gentle waves. The Arabian sea produces descent swell for beginners learning to surf, as the waves approach slow towards the coast.

5 - Safe Marine life. While we surf we do not have to be afraid of sharks that could cause harm to humans or anything that could cause severe harm to humans.

Mandrem beach is the best beach to learn surfing in Goa, at Salty Soul surf shack.

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