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"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun"
Duke Kahanamoku



We at Salty Surf School love getting people in the water. We are a Surf School located in the beautiful beaches of Mandrem, Goa, India. ​Started by founder & International Certified Surf Instructor Swapnil Bhinge.


At an early age Swapnil got his love for the water by body boarding and developed his passion & skills. When in college Swapnil realized his dreams and dropped out of college to follow the path he dreamed of. 

Our goal is to get more people in the water and help them experience the joy of surfing. While India has a very big coastline, many people cant swim or are afraid of the ocean. We want to Educate people about ocean awareness and see more people take up the sport of surfing. We are here to bring people under one roof that love to surf, the beach, or being next to the ocean.  With our certified surf instructors, that have experience over 5+ years will make sure you have fun safely in the water .  


We love and protect the ocean at the same time by doing beach clean ups and creating awareness among our community. Local kids below the age of 17 are thought to surf for free in exchange for helping keep our beach plastic free.

head coach surfing a big wave
Swapnil Bhinge

Founder of Salty Soul Surf Shack   

Certified by the International Surfing Association.


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