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Learn how to surf and more

Book your surf package depending on your level Don´t hesitate to ask for your individual surf experiences.

Every lesson is 90 minutes.

surf lesson

 Beginner Surf Lesson

Have you ever dreamed about surfing, and dint know where to begin from,than this beginner surf lesson is suitable for you.We will teach to surf from scratch.

For your first surf lesson we will cover all the basics of surfing.

Our main aim for this lesson is to get you standing on the surfboard and ride the waves towards the beach.

The lesson consists of :

-Beach theory - In the 20 minutes beach lesson you are thought about the correct technique of standing up on the surfboard,keeping your stance in mind for better control.

-Water lesson - after the beach theory its all about getting in the water and get going.Here you are thought how to lay on the board the correct way and positioning yourself on the board.Our instructors will help you catch your first waves and will always help you improve and get better.

-Surf safety - You are thought how to handle the equipment the correct way to avoid getting hit by the surfboard and avoid any damage to the surf equipment.Also how to safely enter and exit the surf zone.

After the surf beginner class you will know how much surfing is,and may be a bit exhausted to but its all worth it and you have had experience what surfing feels like.


2000 INR

surf goa

3 days Surf  course

If you would like to learn more than standing up on the surfboard, your 3 days surf course is the ideal crash course to get to know more than the  basics about surfing. 

Its 90 minutes class each day for 3 days.

On your first day the basic of beginner surf lesson is thought. ( for more have a look at beginner surf course above)

2nd day you are thought about the technique to paddle and catch your own waves(unbroken waves) with the help of our instructors.

3rd day is more about practicing to paddle and catch your own waves,also your though about spotting waves and positioning yourself in the surf zone 

Surf equipment included. We will teach you depending on your surf level.


5,500 RS

learning surfing_edited.jpg

Surf Lesson Photography

If you wish to take back memories of you while you learn to surf with us, we can get good photo shots and also make a full video edit of your surf lesson.


1000 INR

group surf lesson - in Goa/India

Group Surf Lesson

Would you like to enjoy your surf course with your friends, colleagues or fellow students. Book a group lesson for more than 4 person and avail discounted prices.It could be a perfect birthday gift or team building event or having fun with your family in the ocean under the sun 

Surf equipment included. We will teach you depending on your surf level.


1700 INR

surfing goa

5 days Surf course

Would you like to learn more than standing up on your surfboard and paddling into your own waves? Book your 5 days surf course & learn how to paddle and ride waves on your own.

In this course you are thought almost everything about surfing.We will progress depending on your level of surfing, as some people learn fast some people take time to learn surfing.

You are thought everything we do in a 3 days surf course(for more have a look at our 3 days surf course)

On our fourth day its all about getting in the water and help you ride waves with the help of our surf instructor.Our instructor will guide you where to catch waves, when to start paddling and by now you should know when to stand up, as timing is very important.

5 day will be all about to see how much you have learnt.our instructor will be next to you watching you and guiding  you to avoid any mistakes and help you paddle into more waves.If you have progressed really good before the 5th day of your surf course, we will teach you to turn to the left and right , surfing the face of the wave.

After your 5 days course you are most probably ready to surf by yourself.

After weeks of practice may be you need another class to go advance.

Surf equipment included. We will teach you denpend on your surf level.

from your collections.


9000 INR

kids surf lesson - in Goa

Kids Surf Lesson

Kids from above the age of 5 can learn to surf with us.We love teaching kids to surf and help them taking their first steps into surfing.Our instructors are well trained and good care takers when it comes to kids and always keeping safety first priority.We will make sure your kids are having fun while teaching them to stand on the surfboard.

It consists of 15 minutes land lesson and rest of the time in the water .

Duration of the class is 60 minutes.


1000 INR

surf trip - surfing Goa beach

Surf trip

Surfing different spots and riding different waves improves your surfing.While there are other beaches and some descent waves around we can take you surfing along with our surf instructors.

For more details get in touch.


1000 INR

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